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How to Escape from the Grant Writing
Maze and Get Funded

A required textbook at Purdue University Calumet, Let’s Write a Grant is a step-by-step guide for writing foundation grant proposals that grab attention, build confidence, and garner funding.

Dear Grant Writer,

Let’s Write a Grant is the most practical book on the market to learn grant writing. The book is a step-by-step guide that demonstrates how to write standard foundation grant proposals.

The book uses an easy-to-follow format leading the writer through the development of a grant request by posing questions to answer in each of the seven sections in a common grant application:

eBook sample
  1. Summary
  2. Learn the four make-or-break questions your summary must answer. (p.11)
  3. Agency Description
  4. Get the foundation to take you seriously… the 11 questions you need to answer to prove your organization is the “real deal.” (p.13)
  5. Needs Section
  6. Get the reader on your side…the seven questions you must cover to prove your project is worth funding. (p.17)
  7. Project Description
  8. Bring your project “to life” for the reader by answering these 12 questions. (p.19)
  9. Evaluation
  10. Do this to show you are serious about measuring results. (p.22)
  11. Financial Information
  12. Fail to explain this and the foundation will think you do not need help. (p.25)
  13. Budget
  14. Calm funder nerves by addressing “red flags” in your budget. (p.27)

Detailed information is provided about each of the seven sections:

And that only scratches the surface of what you’ll learn from this information-packed book.

For new and experienced grant writers, Let’s Write a Grant addresses how to write a cover letter and a one-page letter proposal.

It also saves you time by demonstrating how to quickly and easily convert a letter proposal into a letter of intent.

Let’s Write a Grant even provides information on how to get the most out of a single foundation proposal—by tailoring the proposal to send to other foundations.

Once the proposal is written, then what? This book even offers advice for packaging your proposals so they make the right impression once a foundation receives them.

Attention teachers: Let’s Write a Grant is a great resource for persons wanting to learn how to write a grant AND it is great tool for instructors who teach grant writing. Let’s Write a Grant is the required textbook used by the author and other instructors at Purdue University Calumet to teach grant writing. Instructors say the book can be easily adapted into the curriculum of most any course.

Use Let’s Write a Grant to teach grant writing. Teach a stand-alone class or workshop on grant writing or incorporate the book’s content into other courses. Let’s Write a Grant is, for example, part of the curricula for courses in instructional technology at Purdue University Calumet and the basis of the web site for grant writers, Grant-Writing-Proposals.com

Let’s Write a Grant:

Learn how to improve your grant writing

Let’s Write a Grant is a required textbook for Purdue University Calumet’s Instructional Technology Master of Science degree program and has been the basis for the author’s grant writing classes conducted at the University of Missouri-St. Louis for over 20 years.

Hear what these experienced writers have to say about Let’s Write a Grant:

“I wanted to pass along that our grant writer has been using Let’s Write a Grant to re-write some of our stock proposals. She says it is OUTSTANDING, the best book she has used on the topic. It is the best, most concise guide we have found that really explains each component of a strong proposal. In terms of clarity, conciseness, and usability, it is head and shoulders above anything available at The Foundation Center, and we have reviewed copies of all their proposal writing books. Thank you for this valuable resource!”

- Joseph Berninger, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I've been a grant writer for 15 years and have not found a more concise step-by-step guide to writing a winning proposal than "Let's Write a Grant" by Glenda O'Neal. This book is a "must have" for any level grant writer. Ms. O'Neal has simplified the art of grant writing.”

- Karen Wells, Boca Raton, FL

“I am a teacher and, having written state government grants, am amazed by how the author has simplified and broken down the writing process to develop a foundation grant. The book is well-written and organized, easy to follow, and a great writing guide. I've read and placed it on my book shelf as a "can't live without it" reference book. I can finally stop searching for a good "how-to-write-a-grant" book because I've found it!”

- Brenda Lack, Carmi, IL

Let’s Write a Grant is a great instructional tool for beginning grant writers and persons wanting to learn grant writing:

“It was so nice to receive your excellent book on how to write a grant. I will be teaching a small workshop on grant writing this week and would love to use some of your ideas, with your permission, AND tell attendees how to buy copies.”

- Karin M. Mills, Indianapolis, IN


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